From Netherlands to Thailand on our bicycles..

Mentioned it. Sounding almost impossible it remained a longing dream in the back of our heads. Two brothers from a Caribbean island (Aruba) so small you can travel from one side of the island to the other within an hour. “Are you crazy?” was the reaction we got the most.

We admit that living abroad (Netherlands) expanded our minds on the possiblities in life. From a young age we were stimulated to go out, live, feel, experience and be curious..
Kids do this normally cause this is how you develop in life. Your brain is very active and alert. As you age this seems to fade. Society expect some things of you and this results in routine. Activeness and alertness of your brain decreases. Have you heard people saying: Time seems to be going so fast? We believe routine is the enemy of time.

Only way to break this is to give up comfort of established life, go into the unknown, face fear and failure again. Time will slow down. Living closer to the edge gives a bit more shine, color and intensity to life.

Cycling to our destination (Thailand) is indeed going to be a very slow ride but this gives us the opportunity to absorb more of our surroundings. Thailand can be reached entirely by land and seems far enough.

Without an altruistic reason we planned this journey but we have a lot of other reasons. Apart from it being a healthy and environmental way of travelling it is also a good way to get to know the local people and understand their way of living. Feeling and experiencing a country takes time. We hope to inspire others through documenting our highs and lows on this adventure.

From The Hague (Netherlands) to Bangkok (Thailand)
Started 3 April 2017

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