Snails, hills and coffee

After some well spent family time in Nijmegen it was time to head out again and this time just the two of us. Our first nights in Germany we scored some good camping spots in the forest which was more of a learning moment to get used to assembling the tent and cooking on a multi-fuel stove.
The days following we started gaining more altitude and start realizing how much we are actually carrying. Thoughts pass by but it’s also a need to get used to the new way we choose to live.
Easily we attract the attention of people by the way we travel. Mostly encouraging reactions when we tell our plan and some delusory. It is indeed a long way before we reach our goal, therefore we hope to see, absorb and experience more of our surroundings.

The people who are close to us know we have love for a few main things and those are coffee, music and cycling. We try to enjoy those as much as possible.

The morning are still cold but presents beautiful sceneries and sometimes funny stuff like a snail in your shoe. They crawl everywhere if you dont put your stuff inside. there’s also a downside with travelling by bike as one of us experienced a broken brake cable in a downhill. Very scary moment, but there was no panic and we were able to fix it.



Hanging out with T’Jay as he showed us the city of Fankfurt


Smooth sand road next to the river


Jaillen working the quads in granny gear


Early morning in Limburg




It is the season over here


We got good coffee

11 Replies to “Snails, hills and coffee”

  1. Great read! Do wish you both the best of riding. Many great adventures and wondrous sights to behold! May you have nothing but good fortune and clear days of riding. Best wishes and safe return!

  2. Nice post broers!! Keep up the good work. Love and peace!

  3. Mooie foto’s! Veel plezier!

  4. Cheryl Arendsz says:

    Bon diaaa, bon tardi,

    Good to hear you are both doing well. Enjoy your adventure and be safe. Love you both ????.

    Cheryl, Joy, Daniela, Angelique & D’ Angeline

  5. there is no such thing as impossible !!!!!!
    Go shred those miles !!!!!!

  6. Beautiful sceneries, I see. Enjoy it all! Safe trip ?

  7. Alwin Lacle says:

    Hey con ta bai cu boso, hopi saludos y keep it up??✌️?????

    1. Jaillen & William says:

      Nos ta na Munich awo sconde poco pa e sneeuw cu ta cay kinan.

  8. Philippe Duterloo says:


  9. How are the solar panels and the electric pit working out? (:
    Make those kilometers count, good luck and enjoy!

    1. Jaillen & William says:

      Solar panels worked great. Not much sun these last days. More rain and snow but the water filter we tried already.. Thx dude

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